What is an Airborne Radome and what does it do? Volo Radome

An air radome is a protective enclosure that covers and shields the radar antenna mounted on an aircraft. It is typically made of a lightweight and durable material such as fiberglass or composites and is designed to be aerodynamically streamlined, so it has minimal impact on the aircraft’s performance.

The primary function of an air radome is to protect the radar antenna from the harsh environment of the outside air, including wind, rain, snow, hail, and other debris. This is important because the radar antenna needs to be able to accurately detect and track objects in the air and on the ground, and any damage or interference caused by the environment could compromise its performance.

In addition to protecting the radar antenna, the air radome also helps to reduce drag and improve the aircraft’s overall aerodynamics by smoothing out the airflow around the antenna. This can result in improved fuel efficiency and performance, particularly at higher speeds.

Overall, the air radome is a critical component of modern aircraft radar systems, helping to ensure that they can operate effectively and reliably in a wide range of environmental conditions.

A weather radome is a type of radome that is specifically designed to protect weather radar systems from the elements. Weather radar systems are used to track and monitor weather patterns, including precipitation, wind speed, and other atmospheric conditions. These systems typically use high-frequency radio waves to detect and analyze these weather phenomena, which can be disrupted or distorted by the environment.

A weather radome serves as a protective covering for the radar antenna, shielding it from wind, rain, snow, hail, and other debris. This helps to ensure that the radar can operate reliably and accurately in all types of weather conditions. Weather radomes are typically made of a lightweight and durable material, such as fiberglass or composites, and are designed to be aerodynamically streamlined to minimize any impact on the aircraft’s performance.

Airborne radome sandwich structures, due to the GFRP nature of the skin, visual inspection can sometimes detect the damage by a slight change in the color of the surface

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